Woof, Neigh, Oink: Including Animals in Therapy (AAT)

Have you thought about including animals into therapy and feel like you want to do the best you can by the animals and clients served?

This CE opportunity will help you develop a foundational comprehension of the inclusion of animals in therapy and give you insight to how to start thinking critically about appropriate animal inclusion.

February 23, 2024 | 9am – 3:30pm EST
Online live webinar – Learn More

Grief 101 workshop

Learn and understand the basics of grief. What it can look like, how you can experience it and how to manage it. Offered in a private group with your friends and family or a collective group. Quote upon request. 

Couples intensive

Not getting along with your partner but don’t want to do weeks of therapy? Consider an intensive 4-6 hour day where you learn about communication biases, personality types, boundaries and challenge resentments. Quote upon request

Corporate Team Building

Open for small to large multi-team businesses. Horse interactions are always a fun way to build team morale. Work on effective communication, building rapport and problem solving. Quote upon request.

Clinician De-stress Group

Clinicians (ALL KIND) need a time and space to be able to relax, unwind and take time for self-care. Enjoy time with other professionals around a bonfire and with horses. Offered in a private group or collective group. Price upon request.

Mindfulness Workshop

Learn and understand the basics of mindfulness skills and how they can be applied to daily life. Offered in a private group with your friends and family or in a collective group. Quote upon request. 

Womens Breast Cancer
Survivor Group

This group is for breast cancer survivors. Explore, vent and share in the trauma of surviving breast cancer. Learn from those who have also experienced cancer and be a part of a welcoming support. Free of charge. 


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