Victoria Mexcur LCMHCS, LIMHP

Counseling with Horses

woman with three horses

I love being able to offer outdoor nature sessions which may include equines or other animals and physical spaces on the farm. This can be an alternative to traditional talk therapy.

I believe that change and healing start with building and being mindful of the relationship. Often times many people with whom I work with experience a sense of disconnection within life, so we create a space here where you get to begin to safely explore the experience of connection, whether that be in the outdoor setting, with the animals that live here and/or the traditional in-office talk space.

Benefits of counseling with Horses include:

Their natural state of being and authenticity in nature helps clients have a non-judgmental, nonbiased space, mirroring/feedback when necessary, managing vulnerability, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Counseling with horses helps clients self-reflect, regulate, and translate insights of the session into their personal growth and development. Integrating the human-equine-nature triad helps clients reach their therapeutic goals.

This relationship process enhances the regenerative power of interconnectedness, trauma healing and mindfulness.

Therapy sessions at the farm will be individualized to best fit your needs and are weather dependent. Some clients like and are attracted to certain animals here. Length of individual sessions are typically 50-75 minutes depending on the necessity and agreed amount of time. Again, depending upon your goals, you may come to the farm a few times or for several months and the content of your sessions will vary. Including the space of the farm and animals, allows you to explore issues related to mindfulness, building confidence, boundary setting, exploring interpersonal skills, trust, respect, self-esteem, building resilience tolerance and “making the inside outside.”

No prior horse experience is necessary.

Equine inclusion in therapy is very different than riding lessons. The inclusion of equines, the outdoors and the other animals for therapy sessions including is to gain self-awareness that helps you meet your healing goals and growth. All the therapeutic sessions including the equines are on the ground for your safety and the safety of the equines. If you are considering or needing horsemanship or riding lessons, I am happy to give you contact information for appropriate riding resources.

The equines and animals on the farm have been evaluated and are very well cared for, educated, and trained in the way that best fits their need and the needs of the clients that come to the farm. I know all of them very well and carefully choose how to best apply their education and skills wisely. We try to minimize risk, but part of your experience here at the farm is also taking responsibility for your own safety, something that we talk about extensively in our first few sessions and address frequently throughout our work together.

Whether we have sessions outside or in the office, please wear close-toed shoes and attire that you wouldn’t mind having animal noses touching and potentially getting dirty. Please wear/bring clothes that are also weather appropriate if you want to have a session outside/with the horses. In the summer and winter, I check the forecast to determine if an outdoor session is tolerable and appropriate.