Victoria Mexcur LCMHCS, LIMHP



Peeps story is quite sweet and simple. Peeps came from one of my best friends who had her since she was born. She was the social snuggle queen as a baby and grew up being around all kinds of different horses, animals and people. My favorite part of her story is that her mom’s name was Marshmallow and named her Peeps because of the little peep marshmallows!

When we were moving to North Carolina from Nebraska, I knew that I wanted to bring another part of Nebraska with me and have a horse that I knew would love all the snuggles, hugs and the new people she would meet. I also wanted a horse that I knew would be the visual of “ahh this is what safe feels like” When I told my friend I was looking for a horse that would be able to just be with people she said “Peeps is your girl!” They had kept her, her whole life, I’d like to think just for this moment to be a part of something healing!

She is super sweet, loves ALL the attention (she’s working on being able to share ) is the first one to greet you, and loves to be with her herd.