Individual Counseling

Individual sessions can look however you would like/need them to look. I am here to help open pathways to self-discovery; build emotional strength and help you see how awesome you are! If you are looking to process trauma, learn about emotional regulation, distress tolerance, or just need someone to listen to you, this is a place where flexibility exists to explore what you need to.

Individual counseling can be anywhere from 45 minutes to up to 90 minutes once a week, intensives or monthly check ins depending on your immediate needs and what therapeutic concepts we are working through. This is about YOU!

These are my areas of specialty (it doesn’t mean I can’t work with other issues it just means I have extra training to work within these areas).

  • PTSD/Trauma Processing (legacy, systemic and combat)
  • Grief and life transitions
  • High Performance resiliency
  • Dual Diagnosis with Substance Use issue