Victoria Mexcur LCMHCS, LIMHP



Wilson was getting depressed, even though he was going to work with me sometimes. We would go to work for 8 hours a day and he would be home alone. We could tell that he needed a buddy.

We went back and forth with what to do and decided that he would need to have a biological baby sister. So, we called the family up and asked if they would happen to have any puppies, they asked if we wanted to do a family reunion that weekend with all the other family! We of course said yes! We loaded up Wilson and got to meet the cutest 5-week-old puppies EVER, not knowing that one of those precious babies would be a new member of the family!!

Fast forward a few painstakingly long weeks. We go back to pick out a little girl and we CAN’T decide spending hours playing with them, so we came up with the idea to have Wilson pick since this is his buddy. There were 5 little girl puppies and 4 of them had no interest AT ALL! There was this spitfire little one playing with Wilson immediately and we knew that she was his match!

She has been his confidant, his ease, and she just takes care of him wanting to play just as much as when she was a puppy. I’d like to think she is keeping him young.

She is a HUGE FAN of a hug, loves to go on adventures and desperately needs to meet new people. After Wilson retired from therapy work, she took his place and LOVED how many people got to love on her! She will sit with you when you need but her best is pulling you up to say “ITS OK, I GOT YOU, LETS GO FORWARD!”