Victoria Mexcur LCMHCS, LIMHP



Since before the dogs and the horses came into my life, I wanted to have a pot belly pig. Don’t ask me why, it was just what it was. Fast forward 10+ years to where I am in a position to be able to have the space and other animals to keep her company. I had made friends with someone on Facebook when moving to North Carolina and happened to reach out to them asking if she knew of anyone who had pot belly piglets, to my surprise SHE HAD ONE!! She had gotten a brother and sister pair but couldn’t keep them both safely.

The next day I went and picked up sweet LulaMae with a couple of friends who had never been around a pig.

LulaMae is literally the BEST pig!! No one can convince me otherwise. She is the welcoming committee when anyone comes to the house (UPS people are still pretty nervous about her). She LOVES TO SNUGGLE (sensing a theme among my animals). She will spend time with all the clients that come to the farm and help them understand that they are loved and that they can do hard things!! She has a keen nose for all things food and will quickly be your best friend. She gives the best kisses and will become the best distractor and regulator of emotions! She hasn’t been here too long, but she has changed ever heart that has come in contact with her!! She will literally sit in the mud with you!!