Counseling with Horses

It is the inclusion of equines (eg. horse, pony, donkey) and the equine environment into the therapy process by a licensed mental health practitioner. Clients receive the same clinical treatment and have the option to have counseling in a traditional office space or the added benefit of interacting with the equines and the outdoors!

Benefits of counseling with Horses include having!

Their natural state of being and authenticity in nature helps clients have a non-judgmental, nonbiased space, mirroring/feedback when necessary, managing vulnerability, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Counseling with horses helps clients self-reflect, regulate, and translate insights of the session into their personal growth and development. Integrating the human-equine-nature triad helps clients reach their therapeutic goals.

This relationship process enhances the regenerative power of interconnectedness, trauma healing and mindfulness!


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