Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling?

It can be a space to explore and rediscover yourself and it can be a place to let our all your hurt, sorrow, and even happiness. Counseling can look like having someone to talk, support and encourage you in your life transitions. It can also be a space for you to work on building trust with another being. Through this process, we will work together towards emotional balance, growth, greater awareness and self-acceptance. Counseling is a safe place for you to sit in the shit with someone else and learn that there is a way out and that you have the power to “tread deep.”

How much does it cost?

What is counseling with horses?

It is including equines (ie, horse, pony, donkey) and the equine environment into the therapy process by a licensed mental health practitioner. Clients receive the same clinical treatment, have the option to have counseling in a traditional office space or the added benefit of interacting with the equines and the outdoors.

How long do I have to be in counseling?

What I like to tell people is to give yourself as much time as you need to feel that you are where you want to be and that your objectives have been met. The best part of counseling is that you can take a break and come back, or you could use this as part of your self-care for however long it is helpful. Counseling doesn’t have to look like a set amount of time.

Why are you called Tread Deep?

When we hear “just keep your head above water” we think that all we have to do is float to get through the hard stuff. Yes, that is true and very healthy to do, I’d like to however see that we have abilities to “tread” water and do more than just float. We have so many strengths that allow us to do AMAZING things, but fear stalls us. So, if we can learn and discover our strength to “Tread Deep” then we can choose to float or swim.